Recommended Resources

This is not an exhaustive list. We will be adding to it. We are adding resources that are reputable doctrinally and not peddling books or particular "pop-Christianity" fads.

Scroll down for the list. All those on the list have an online audio and/or video presence. Some have links but some you will need to search online for their audio or video links as there are many sites hosting their work.

God's Word

You can find the bible online to read or to listen to audibly. Our Number one recommendation

Celebration Nelson Sunday Messages

Archive to previous messages

Bible Teachers

Derek Prince
David Pawson

Eschatology - Study of the End Times

Barry Smith
Derek Prince

Anointed Preachers who are with the Lord

Leonard Ravenhill
Oswald Chambers
Charles Spurgeon (does have a Calvinist bias)
David Wilkerson


Defending Christianity through systematic argumentation and discourse:
Ravi Zacharias

Bible Commentary

Dr Bob Utley has compiled a free commentary series from his bible teaching seminars.

Bible Study Resources