About Us

Celebration Nelson is a family of believers passionate about building God's House in the Nelson region and establishing a place where His Presence will change lives

Head of Celebration Nelson Church

Jesus Christ is the Head and Brett & Tania O'Meagher (Senior Pastors) are stewards who oversee His church at Celebration Nelson. We desire you come face to face with Jesus and experience a living relationship with Him.

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Go into all the world.....

Nelson is our home-base. We are building for the generations to come on our home soil.
We also follow the mandate of Jesus to go into all the world. As we have responded to this mandate we have seen our family grow, with churches connected to us in Myanmar, Thailand and Nepal. Now together we are advancing God's Kingdom, which is all about showing God's invitation to all, to reconcile with Him, it's about healing the broken-hearted, proclaiming freedom to those in bondage and setting the prisoner free!

We go into all the world and preach the gospel - Mark 16:15