One Church, Many Locations

We are the Nelson location of Celebration Centre

We are a people passionately in love with Jesus.
We invite you to join us each Sunday - it's the place we call home!


Welcome to Celebration Nelson's website.
We are just one local church gathering of many, in our region.
We suggest you pray and seek God if you are a believer, and ask Him where He wants you to be planted.
We don't desire to market Christianity, market the church nor try and sell something.
We believe God draws us to Himself.
He will lead you here if this is where you're meant to be.
Pray first.
Blessings, Brett and Tania.
Senior Pastors

Join Us This Weekend!

2 Totara Street, Nelson, 7010

Sunday Morning Service



Corporate Prayer Meeting


6.15 PM

He's Promised Us the Rain
Joel 2:23